Another Great Harry Grouch Mystery

Medical Crime Fiction 

Cover of Hiostorical Thriller Stradella's Revenge, a Harry Grouch Mystery Strory, and a photo of Venice, Italy

Deep Pockets

* Do these things really happen?

* Do unscrupulous medical malpractice attorneys secretly pay hospital nurses to report patient incidents that could lead to profitable lawsuits?

* Harry Grouch and Judy Pacas uncover a national ring of such lawyers who are controlled by organized crime.

* Doctors and hospitals are besieged by frivolous lawsuits and skyrocketing insurance premiums. What's to be done?

* When the FBI deputizes Harry to investigate, all becomes clear—but not before some dangerous adventures befall our favorite detectives.


That's Right! The E-Book Edition of Book 1 of the Harry Grouch Detective Series is now FREE at most E-Book retailers to introduce new readers to our popular detective duo:

Harry Grouch and Judy Pacas.

All Harry Grouch Mysteries can be read and enjoyed in ANY ORDER. Each exciting novel is a separate and complete mystery adventure. Some of your favorite characters reappear in each book, but each story stands on its own. If you like great books-thriller books-mystery stories, read one today?

Robert Tell

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