The face of the Witch of Maple Park

The Witch of Maple Park

A Harry Grouch Historical Mystery Story

"The Witch of Maple Park" is an Eric Hoffer Book Award Grand Prize finalist and First Runner Up in the Ebook Fiction category. It is compelling fiction inspired by a true story. 
* The True Story: On Christmas Eve, 1843, on Staten Island, N.Y., Emeline Houseman and her baby are gruesomely axe murdered and dismembered. Her sister-in-law, Polly Bodine is accused of the crime and branded by P.T. Barnum as "The Witch of Staten Island." 

* The New Story: On Christmas Eve, 1993, in a Detroit suburb, Kathy Black Marlowe, a blind jazz singer and her dog, are similarly axe murdered and dismembered. Her sister-in-law, Polly Marlowe, is accused of the killing and branded "The Witch of Maple Park." 

The cantankerous private eye, Harry Grouch, and his attractive lover/sidekick, Judy Pacas, are one gut-wrenching step ahead of a ruthless Prosecuting Attorney and Police Chief, both of whom are conspiring to pin the grisly slaying on Polly Marlowe. 

And how to explain the astonishing parallels between the tales of the two Polly's? Coincidence? Reincarnation? Prevarication? Harry Grouch must decide.


I feel funny. Kind of like floating on my back in a warm swimming pool. Dreamy. Relaxed. Safe. A voice, a kind voice, is talking to me. I can't recall who the voice belongs to, but I trust it. I know it wants me to be safe.

"Who are you?" it asks.

I respond. "I'm Polly."

"Polly Marlowe or Polly Bodine?"

I'm confused by the question. I don't answer right away.

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Praise for The Witch of Maple Park:

"I loved it! I am now a fan of Harry Grouch. I could really see this guy and his different relationships. The book has a very unique plot line. I had a hard time getting to sleep" 





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