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A "Long Goodbye" to an Elderly Mom


For 15 years, Robert Tell was his widowed Mom's caregiver as her mind and personality disappeared into the fog of dementia. He tells the tale with compassion and humor in this full length, fast moving memoir. His lesson: Caregiver burnout can be helped. 
Laugh and cry with him as he takes away her car keys. See what happens when she moves into a tiny "senior" apartment with a lifetime collection of  old furniture.  Can he untangle years of her mismanagement of her finances? And how will he answer her frightened plea to never be "put" into a nursing home? 


One reviewer called Dementia Diary "a Neil Simon laugh and cry scenario." If you are watching your loved one vanish into the cognitive sunset of Alzheimer's Disease (or another dementia), "Dementia Diary" will lift your spirits. 



Dementia Diary

A Caregiver's Memoir


Praise for Dementia Diary:

“This sensitive and well written semi-autobiography is unusual for its male perspective and a must read for all who are going through the challenging years of caring for an elderly parent."


"The changes that Minnie was experiencing must have frightened and worried her. For the past few years, her highs had become much too high, her lows were severe and self-destructive, and she surely felt a loss of control."

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