"Leder felt his face flush and his anger rise. Are these crazies trying to proselytize me, he wondered?

“Enough,” he said. “You talk of an alliance. I don’t buy all this spiritual nonsense. What do you offer me to make an alliance attractive?”

Caleb’s eyes were on fire and Leder had to look away.

“We’re survivors,” the rabbi said. “Our people are tough. They’re fearless and excellent fighters. Not what you’d expect of a religious community. You said that there are powerful interests who want to prevent your success. The time may soon come when you’ll have to defend yourself against violent attempts to shut you down. We can protect you. You’ll have an army of guerilla warriors willing to defend you with their lives...."

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Book cover with desolate mountain


A Speculative Thriller of Future Earth

(Science Fiction by Robert Tell)

 * In 2121 Dr. Moss Leder flees across Canada one-heart pounding step ahead of his ruthless enemies. Climate change is destroying civilization. Primitive bands of dehumanized squatters roam the Earth and kill for scarce drinking water.  


* Leder's innovative time booth holds the key to the planet's renewal. Leder's nemesis, R. Faro Bradshaw, and his greedy political cronies are exposed. They control the black market in fresh water. Fearing  that Leder's scheme will destroy their business model, they try to stop him. 


* Leder's beautiful assistant, Zoe Reuel, is commanded by Bradshaw, who is also her lover, to undermine Leder's plan. Can she throw off Bradshaw's influence and become one of Leder's advocates, and his lover…or is Bradshaw's hold on her too strong?


* Leder and his private army of religious Sectaries go head to toe with Bradshaw's thugs. An epic battle is fought in the ancient car tunnel under the Detroit   River. Leder is wounded. Will he survive and escape with his beautiful  assistant, Bradshaw's former lover, Zoe?


* Destiny and love call to Leder from 2022. Will he defeat his enemies in time or be forced to surrender? 


The unpredictable ending to this compelling book will surprise and delight you. 



Praise for Thirsty Planet:

"This book was great from cover to cover. The issues that were addressed were extremely relevant and the author managed to capture them in a very exciting, extraordinary way."



This is the fourth cover for this book. Each edition features different cover art. 


The first edition of Robert Tell's novel, "Thirsty Planet," was originally published in England with the generous support of a grant from the Arts Council England. 


It was recently re-published in America where it won a Montaigne Medal Finalist Award for thought provoking writing. 


It was recently translated into Chinese for distribution in the Chinese market.

Available in Ebook,Paperback & Audiobook Editions

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