*Could the recent murders of prominent classical musicians all be linked in some way?  Is a serial killer on the loose with a grudge against musicians?  If so, why?

The Legend of Alessandro Stradella


*Alessandro Stradella was a musical genius and innovator, the creator of hundreds of instrumental and vocal works composed in 17th Century Venice, Rome and Genoa.


*According to legend, he was also a womanizer and rapist,  an embezzler from the Church, and a thoroughly despicable character.


*Like a time bomb waiting to explode, this history forms the background for a compelling serial murder investigation that has ensnared detectives Harry Grouch and Judy Pacas.


Stradella's Revenge

A NEW Harry Grouch Mystery Story

Robert Tell's Harry Grouch Mystery


Stradella bled from a superficial wound in his left arm that he received from a thrust of Astorino's sword. It was a close call. If he had not twirled out of the way so fast, that thrust could have finished him. He was lucky to have deflected it and, as part of his twirl, he spun and delivered the point of his own sword....Read More


Maple Park, Michigan--1997

Tom Albinoni swallowed the last of his coffee and opened the front door. As anticipated, the Detroit Free Press lay there. He spied a small square package under the newspaper. He stooped and examined the package, turned it over, and in an instant of panic he dropped it...Read More

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Praise for Stradella's Revenge:

"This is, in my opinion, the most entertaining novel in the Harry Grouch series. Seventeenth century Italy, in particular, is a fascinating place, full of intrigues and colorful characters. It is evident that Mr. Tell has done a great deal of research on it, and describes it with a keen eye and a sure hand. I highly recommend this novel."

Book 3 of Series

Available in Ebook & Paperback  Editions

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